Stanton Cemetery Association



Stanton Cemetery is found North of Stanton, Nebraska on Oak Street/North Highway 57 on the north edge of Stanton.

The Stanton Cemetery can accommodate ground burials, cremation burials and scattering of cremated remains. All events

in the cemetery are required to be cleared through the Sexton, George Benson, Jr.

      Stanton Cemetery Association  began when the International Order of Odd Fellow Organization in Stanton disbanded.  The Association was formed in the early 1970's and the original members formulated the Association Board of Directors to operate the Stanton Cemetery Association are as follows:  

  • Aberta Lehman - President

  • Ronald Butterfield - Vice President

  • Carol Glaser - Treasurer/Secretary

  • George Benson, Jr. - Sexton/Cemetery Grounds

  • Brad Johnson - Board Member

  • Frances Beck - Board Member

     Current rates can be found in the Rules, Regulations & Polices of the Stanton Cemenetary.


     Stanton Cemetery Association information on Monuments & Plaques & Application for Monument Permit

     For more information please contact George Benson, Jr., @ 402-439-2733 or email George Benson, Jr.



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