The City of Stanton water system currently includes two supply wells with a total production capacity of approximately 650 gallons per minute (GPM). Within the distribution system there are approximately 10.8 miles of water mains consisting of 7,000 feet of 8 inch pipe, 6,200 feet of 6 inch pipe, 33,000 feet of 4 inch pipe, and nearly 10,700 feet of 2 inch or smaller pipe. The system also includes a single elevated 100,000 gallon storage tank, located in the north part of the city.

The city wells are located in the southeast part of the city along State Highway 57 and south of the river east of Elkhorn Acres Golf Course. The well south of the river is the main well being used, with the well along Highway 57 used during peak demand periods. The computer controlled well pumps and distribution system automatically deliver water to meet the fluctuating demand.

The average depth of the wells is 60 feet; average consumption is 225,000 gallons per day; peak consumption is 500,000 gallons per day; hardness is 364 mg/L. The city has been making improvements in the water system for the past several years.

The water is tested frequently by the state health department laboratory to be sure that it meets all state and federal water quality standards. The water is not normally chlorinated, but standby chlorination equipment is maintained in the event that it is needed. The City of Stanton water system operates in compliance with and is regulated by the Nebraska Health and Human Services. You may contact the NHHS, Regulation and Licensure Division by calling them at 402-471-2133.

The distribution system in general is considered to be adequate. The entire city is served by the distribution system and no specific inadequacies are known. There is an excess of small diameter lines for a system of this size. These small diameter lines are generally serving as domestic service lines only and have no fire protection capabilities.


The City of Stanton has received a copy of the Source Water Assessment for the City’s public water system. The Source Water Assessment was prepared by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. A copy of the Source Water Assessment can be viewed at the City Hall. Please call 402-439-2119 with any questions.


The City of Stanton has received a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report (Annual Water Quality Report). This report is intended to provide you with important information about your drinking water and the efforts made by the City of Stanton water system to provide safe drinking water. In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, EPA prescribes regulations which limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems. The Consumer Confidence Report was prepared by the Nebraska Health and Human Services System. A copy of the Consumer Confidence Report can be viewed at the City Hall. Please call 402-439-2119 with any questions.


Any customer with a fire hydrant located on his property is responsible to make sure that access to the hydrant is not blocked by landscaping, trees and shrubs, or by fences. Fire department personnel must be able to easily get to all sides of a hydrant in the case of a fire.

The City of Stanton flushes fire hydrants twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Flushing of hydrants is done to maintain a high quality of water throughout the system.

Citizens may want to schedule their clothes washing around these flushing periods, as they may experience colored water. It is normal for some discoloration to occur under these circumstances. Please call 402-439-2119 with any questions.


Questions are always asked, "Who is responsible for what?" The resident is responsible for the water line from the curb stop to the house. The City takes care of the water line from the curb stop to and including the main. If there is a problem with water pressure, etc, call 402-439-2119 and someone will be dispatched to your residence. If the problem is something that the resident needs to take care of, they will be directed with the best possible route to take.

Every water supply pipe is provided with an easily accessible curb stop for each customer. The property owner is required to keep the curb stop in good repair and if the property owner fails to do so, then the Water Commissioner is authorized to make the necessary repairs and the cost thereof is a charge against the property owner.

Every water customer is provided one water meter, up to 1 inch. The customer shall pay for any additional meters. The meter shall be replaced by the City when it is no longer serviceable. The City of Stanton requires that homeowners protect water apparatus from frost or freezing. Cost of repairs to damaged water meters due to freezing will be charged to the homeowner. Pipes and meters located in unheated areas may need to be insulated to protect them from freezing.

Make sure you know where the main water shutoff valve in your house is located in case you have a "plumbing emergency".

Contact Phone Numbers

For hook up fees and construction fees, please check with City Hall 402-439-2119.

If you have any problems with your water services, please call 402-439-2119 during the daytime hours and 877-617-6549 during nighttime hours to reach the city pager.

Before you excavate on your property or in the public right of way you need to call One Call at 1-800-331-5666. One Call will contact all of the utilities serving the area so the utilities can mark their underground lines. Don’t forget to call before you dig: It’s the law and it could save you thousands of dollars by preventing damage to utility lines.

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